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Robert Hamilton

As a principal of C & P Gen, Robert Hamilton is currently involved in developing online educational programs as the Director of Program Development with iQ4 - a company that provides innovative educational programs via the web.

Originally from Ireland, Robert has a very diverse background in a variety of fields, but most recently he has been engaged in Educational Software Development through his company - C & P Gen. In this capacity he has also assumed the role of Instructor at The College for Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity for the Cybersecurity Program - ‘The Threat Within’. This innovative program is a Virtual Internship, which allows students to experience a real world introduction to the Insider Threat Landscape and collaborate in developing an insider threat program with Mentors from the profession.

Initially, Robert studied Surveying at the College of Technology in Bolton Street, qualifying as a Surveyor before going on to study Law at University College Dublin. Robert also earned a Certificate in Paralegal Studies here in the US at Mercer County Community College. In addition to his background in Computers, Robert has also taught Gaelic and is a Licensed Real Estate Instructor in New Jersey.

Kyle Hamilton

I am a Designer, Artist and Software Engineer, with a BFA from Cooper Union, and a Master of Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley. I work with both large and small firms and individuals, artists, musicians, and consultants in a multitude of industries.

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